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About me

My name is Denis Loganov and I have been engaged in marketing since 2010.

Being a certified expert in Google Analytics, I have many years of experience in the largest digital companies.

Today, I am a SEO teacher at MSTU. N.E. Bauman and a lecturer of SEO and Internet Marketing at the Business School of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the Russian University of Economics named after GV Plekhanov.

I can easily explain complex SEO algorithms for a client to understand them and participate in the working processes.

I entered the top 7 CIS SEO specialists of 2018 according to Serpstat and now I am a speaker on Race-Expo.

How can i help you?

Deviation from the plan

If I move away from the fixed forecast, then we make a discount for the following months of promotion.

Work for the result

You can choose any kind of cooperation conditions: work for applications, calls, positions, traffic, subscription fees.

Growth of traffic

There is a site and there is traffic, but it is small or its dynamics do not satisfy you? I will analyze the situation, select the methods and tools of digital marketing that will give maximum efficiency.

My publications

1.000 customers per month

In addition to manual analysis, we used various services. We took the top 10 sites of companies from issuing the most popular queries in our subject. These are pages that are similar to our site in terms of service delivery...

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Search engine optimization for websites using SPA applications

When creating new highly loaded web services and sites, developers strive to use modern technologies. Therefore, various JavaScript frameworks and libraries (Angular, React, Vue, Inferno, and others) are gaining popularity, which certainly help to create SPA (Single Page Application) applications with the...

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Promotion strategy. Why standard SEO mechanisms do not always work?

Imagine a typical situation: the optimizer receives a new project to work. A standard SEO audit, collection of the semantic core, and writing of content are immediately carried out. In the next period, these works are cyclically repeated. From month to month, an employee reports on quality work done, which takes a lot of time and effort...

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Video content in SEO

The main goal of the video, as well as any content on the site, is to answer the user’s question (if this site is not entertaining). Therefore, topics for videos should be searched among the most discussed issues at those sites where your target audience communicates...

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How the new filter from Yandex Clickjacking works: a practical case

Clickjacking appears in the form of inconspicuous elements placed on the page on top of videos, buttons, and forms. These elements sometimes move after the cursor. The purpose of the technology is to convert a user's click on a form, link, or button into action necessary for an attacker...

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Case: how сan a young site increase organic traffic from 0 to 10,000 visitors in 6 months

Depending on the theme of the site, different solutions can be applied. Therefore, before starting our work on the project, it was necessary to analyze and understand the niche. We had to figure out the proportion of organic traffic in the segment, study what lending methods were available and which of them were suitable for our client at that stage...

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What should be done if the functionality of the online store is no longer satisfactory?

I would recommend doing a niche analysis in this case. Make a deep analysis of the niche and competitors, collect all the advantages of market leaders (especially those who have grown significantly in a short period), and try to implement them on a new platform. The collected ideas and thoughts should be embodied in the terms of reference...

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How does video content affect SEO?

People like watching videos. There are business sectors, in which it is almost impossible to advance without video content: software, training, online games, etc. It is more difficult to find niches in which the presence or absence of videos on a site does not play any role. Partially, they include design and production...

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Text me and get FREE SEO audit

Just send me a request today and I will prepare a technical audit within 2 days!

How SEO works

Strategy Development
Research on the product and the target audience

We thoroughly study the assortment, analyze Internet demand, and identify the maximum possible traffic from search engines.

Evaluation of the competitor strategies

We analyze the advertising campaigns of competitors in order to create leadership strategies in search engines.

  • The real forecast for monthly traffic growth. The forecasting can be fixed in the contract.
  • Website promotion plan for the year. We carefully consider the risks.
  • Strategy for obtaining a stable stream of targeted applications.
Working on Promotion
Problem analysis

We conduct a technical audit, identifying the main problems of the site, and giving substantive solutions to all problems.

Work with semantics

We collect the widest possible core and work in all directions. We write texts and optimize internal factors.

  • Your website becomes perfect in terms of SEO.
  • In the first months of work, you already see positive dynamics in attendance/visibility.
  • The growth of customers gradually increases.
Boosting the result
Commercial factors

We constantly analyze the usability and commercial factors of competitors, making the site sell more.

Traffic and visibility growth

From year to year, you will see the result in the form of numbers: your traffic/positions are steadily growing.

  • You are becoming a strong player in the market.
  • Your site is confidently taking higher positions.
  • Your attendance/visibility and sales are constantly increasing.


Promotion of service offering websites
  • Increase in the number of orders and calls
  • Positions on the first page of Google
  • Rice in the number of visitors
Rate my site
Online Store Promotion
  • Increase in average check and sales
  • Positions on the first page of Google
  • Increased number of visitors
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Complex SEO audit
  • Information about current issues
  • SEO recommendations for improving positions and traffic
  • Recommendations for increasing orders and sales
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Get a seo strategy for your site: timelines, positions, and traffic growth.
Competitor Strategy Analysis
Analysis of your products and services
Target Audience Analysis
The dynamics of your site promotion
Seasonality and Search Engine Traffic
Forecasts and timelines for achieving goals
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Tomorrow you will receive the best offer to promote your site or at least practical advice from a digital marketing expert who can implement and improve your market position.